Our intrepid road warrior Sandra Carey is currently on a six week journey through Asia and Australia working with TAI clients. She writes about packing for that length of time and bringing a little sense of home  on the road. Her itinerary for this trip goes from New York to Singapore to Delhi to Hong Kong to Tokyo to Mumbai to Melbourne to Sydney to Jakarta back to Singapore then home to New York. 

As a seasoned road warrior, I’ve learned how to make the preparation process easier for myself when a long trip is coming. I make lists of things to pack. I hate packing and I dread the night before a trip when I try to think about everything I’ll need for 4-6 weeks. You see, each time I settle into a new hotel, and there are nine of them for me this trip, I pull out what I’ll need for the days I’ll be staying there. I like it all to be easily accessible. This helps set my routine and helps me create my feeling of home for the next few days.  Yes, I can ask the hotel for anything I might need and I can run out to a store if necessary. But it is so nice to have band aids in my “medicine bag” or stuff for my sinuses which always need special treatment and care against those miles in the air.  I completely believe in the preventive approach.

You want to know about the lists? I make them and do the related packing incrementally, over the course of a few days, adding different categories of needs and checking items off my list.  My categories are: professional clothing (slacks, tops, closed toe shoes); casual clothing (pants, shirts, tees, sandals); workout clothes; pjs; under-garments; weather related items (umbrella, scarf, sweater) because in one trip I experience extremes of weather; medicine kit; makeup kit; toiletries; electronics( iPod, camera, phone, laptop, recorder, kindle and all the wires); client files and materials and any books I might need; and an envelope with all the currencies and exchange rates.

For this trip, it was wonderful. I didn’t have to do a thing the night before I left. That feels great. And a friend hung out with me that morning before the taxi arrived, so I could be present for that lovely gift – a few hours with a dear friend before leaving NYC behind for a time.